True facts.

You know how there’s a lot of bacteria in the world, but you know, they’re really, really small? Well, if you put all the bacteria currently living on earth end-to-end, they would reach all the way to the edge of the visible UNIVERSE.


This wasn’t actually a true fact! Using William Whitman’s 1998 estimate of 5*1030 total bacteria on earth and an average bacterial length of 2micrometers, I calculate that they would stretch about 1.0579 light years, or about 1 billion light years. Hubble has been able to see things around 10-15 billion light years away, which gives us the size of the visible universe. Note that visible and observable are different things as it comes to astronomy. SO, all the bacteria on earth would stretch a bit more than 1 billion light years, or about 1/10th of the visible universe. That’s about 10,570 milky way galaxies lined up end to end. Still pretty impressive.


2 thoughts on “True facts.

    • Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I learned this “fact” in a class, but upon looking into it, the length is about 1/10 of the visible universe! Obviously very different. See edit above.

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