Unfuck That Punk House Grime

[Bottom line: check out http://www.unfuckyourhabitat.com/%5D

For those of you who live in punk houses, or dirty houses… Houses do not need to be sterile in any way, and *some* exposure to microbes is good, but dust and grime and trash can bring down your general health and your well being. This is particularly true of houses that dogs come into. Living in a house that is dirty (I’m not just talking about clutter here, but actual dirt) can also bring down your mood in ways that might not be apparent until the house is clean(er). Also, you may get sick less. A co-worker of mine once moved out of her punk house because the shower was too dirty to use, and she felt it was uncleanable. I didn’t see it myself, but few showers, if any, are actually uncleanable in and of themselves. If you are interested in living in somewhat cleaner quarters, I highly suggest checking out this website: http://www.unfuckyourhabitat.com/  I love how it offers fierce, compassionate assistance to those who are intimidated by cleaning, or who find it emotionally troubling, or who live with people who are uninterested in a cleaner house. Also, I know we all love the earth. But, if you are facing a really daunting cleaning task, I highly suggest getting the cheapest, most chemical-laden cleaners at the dollar store or hardware store and using those, at least at first. “Pine Shine” is just as good as the more expensive stuff. Eco-products with happy babies and sunshine and such on the labels require a lot of elbow grease, and in my experience work much better to clean a home that’s pretty much already clean. Get those after you’ve scrubbed all the visible grime off with the harsher stuff. If you’d like, wear vinyl gloves, open the windows, and feel free to wear your gas mask if you want! Also, if you are averse to cleaning but wish it was a little cleaner, stronger products can sometimes be sprayed on and left for a while, making stuff easier to wipe up. If its in the shower, you can sometimes spray, leave, and rinse. Some products are even marketed for that! In the case of my co-workers gross shower, I bet leaving a spray cleaner on overnight, rinsing in the morning, and repeating would have made a major dent in the problem and saved her the hassle of moving. Feel free to email me if you want to know how to clean something but don’t know how, I’ll help if I can!


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