Peeing in Jars Without Infecting Yourself, or, how not to piss off your bladder.

So it’s getting cold again and tis the season for peeing in jars instead of leaving the warm place you’re in to go expose your poor tush to the elements. Some folks of course pee in jars in any ol’ season. Here’s the quick and dirty of doing it right:

A lot of people say: “pee is sterile”. This isn’t exactly the truth. Pee is pretty much sterile when it’s in the bladder, but on the way out of the body it picks up a bunch of bacteria from the urethra and genitals. Pee is therefore pretty clean but not sterile once it’s exciting the body. Once the pee sits in a jar or other container it’s a perfect delicious broth for bacteria! So your pee jar is super bacteria-laden, and not only that, the kind of bacteria in there are exactly the kinds of bacteria that like to live in pee. Therefore, if your junk touches the container you’re peeing in, and if you’re re-using that container later, those pee-loving bacteria are gonna crawl their happy way up your bladder and squat there. Thus you’d have a urinary tract infection (UTI). Some possible symptoms of a UTI are a burning pain when you pee, cloudy urine, feeling like you need to pee often, and a crampy feeling in your low-low belly where your bladder is.

One way to avoid this whole thing is to use a wide-mouth jar so you’re not touching your junk to the jar when you use it. Like so:



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